Fortnite: skin Black Knight

Покупая данный товар, вы автоматически соглашаетесь с условием, что:
1. Вы не оставляете плохой отзыв до связи с продавцом.
2. В данный момент, для покупки товара, требуется обязательная видеосъемка (захват экрана) процесса покупки, от момента начала оплаты до момента проверки аккаунта.
3. В случае проблем - заливаем видео на ютюб и отправляете в переписку с продавцом.
4. Продавец смотрит видео - предоставляется замена.


To use your account, you need to follow these steps:

📃Follow the link:
📃Download launcher, install and log in to your account.
📃After what you can enjoy the game with a rare skin.

After purchasing this product you will receive:
✔️An account like - login@domen:password (example: data from the login
✔️Skin - Black Knight which is present on the account.
✔️Daily support in case of problems with your account.
✔️Gift, if provided you leave a positive review after purchase.
❌Data from the mail we do not provide.


❗️If your item doesn’t work, the data doesn’t fit or you don’t use it, write it to the seller in an online chat or
to personal correspondence on the link: you should not write a negative review, in 100% of cases your problem will be solved when
provided that you have complied with all points of the rules of purchase. If the seller does not respond, it does not mean that you are ignored, the average time
response to 1 - 5 hours, usually all problems are solved much earlier. Thank you for understanding!

Good luck to you game! 👍

Цена: 679 руб.

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